Disabled People/PWDs

SAWED basically views Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) as a strategy for empowerment and inclusion of persons with disabilities (PwDs) in society. In our view CBR is an appropriate way to reach out to PwDs in rural and other remote areas, with mainstreaming as an embarking strategy. We believe in twin track approach, meaning that programmes should work for promotion of the rights of PwDs, and as well it should enable them to access services that are required to meet their rehabilitation needs and inclusion in society.

By means of the mobility and hearing aids project, SAWED aims to bequeath a new life to each of those who have been deprived of the basic privileges of mobility and hearing for most of their lives. With the gift of mobility, these people develop self confidence, have the abilities to lead near normal lives and have the potential to become contributive members of their society instead of being a burden on it. SAWED provide various aids to support their mobility/audio receptivity. Children/youth affected by polio will be given calipers to support their limbs, limb amputees will be fitted with Jaipur foot prosthetics, Tricycles, wheelchairs and crutches will also be distributed on a need based assessment. People with hearing impairment will be given hearing aids in order to improve their audio receptivity.

To support our projects/Contribute your donation to:


1. To provide calipers for a Polio patient. INR 2400 US $ 40
2. To provide Jaipur foot to an amputee. INR 3200 US $ 54
3. To provide tricycle to one PWD. INR 12000 US $ 200
4. To provide wheelchair to one PWD. INR 7500 US $ 125
5. To provide crutches to one PWD. INR 1500 US $ 25
6. To provide hearing aid to one PWD. INR 6500 US $ 108
7. To provide seed capital to one PWD to start micro-buisness. INR 25000 US $ 420
8. To conduct one Entrepreneurship training for 30 PWDs. INR 25000 US $ 420